It has been a really special start to the school year at Rosemary Works and teacher had struggled to choose just one child from each class to be awarded their Star of the Week, but they did and here they are!

Scroll down further to read the comments the teacher wrote on their certificates…

There were lots of birthdays to celebrate too having carried forward some from late August and early September, so a special long Happy Birthday was sung by all this morning!

Well done to absolutely all the children who have made a great effort to start on the right foot and a big hooray for our certificate winners this week. Keep up the great work, children!

…you’ve had an incredible start to the year. We’ve been so impressed with your maturity and focus since you came back, and we look forward to watching how well you’re going to do in Year 6. You’ve been the talk of the school!

…It has been an absolute pleasure to begin Yr 5 with you. You have participated in all of our new activities and have shown an excellent work ethic already. Well done! I’m looking forward to the year ahead.

…Your presentation has been of such an incredibly high standard in each and every lesson. Everyone in class has been very impressed. Keep it up!

…it has been a real joy to welcome you to our class. You jump into everything with total enthusiasm. You work hard in class and at the same time you are great fun to be around and always ready to help others.

…you have really impressed me with how well you have settled into Year 2. You’re always calm and have tried your best with every new activity. I love how you ask questions if you’re not sure of something and how great you are at helping others. You’ve also been a lot of fun.

… she has had a fantastic start to Year One. She has listened well and tried her best in all the activities and. We are also SUPER impressed with her during carpet time due to her lovely sitting and sharing at the right times. Well done. You are setting a wonderful example for your classmates. Keep it up!

…What a shining start to the year it’s been for you. Not only are you adapting brilliantly to your days at a new school; but you are making friends, keen to have a go at everything, and what lovely behaviour & manners too. Wow! Keep it up.

…we have been so impressed with how well you have settled into the new class. You have picked up our class rules very quickly and have been showing off your beautiful manners throughout the day. Well done!