We are proud of all of our children at Rosemary Works School and of the excellent reputation among secondary schools they choose to move on to. We hear very positive feedback from secondary heads and from parents who share our pride with how well they transition to Key Stage 3.

Below is a comprehensive list of the secondary school destinations our children have gone to over the past few years, and again, it’s with great pride that they enrol in the schools that are perfect for them.

Year 6 Secondary School Placements and Offers

PlacementTypeOther offers
Northbridge House CanonburyIndependentBelmont Mill Hill, Shiplake
Mulberry AcademyStaten/a
Joyce Frankland AcademyStaten/a
St Chris LetchworthIndependentNorthbridge House Canonbury
Northbridge House CanonburyIndependentForest School
Norwich SchoolIndependentNorthbridge House Canonbury
Moving AbroadIndependentNorthbridge House Canonbury
St Chris LetchworthIndependentn/a
Northbridge House CanonburyIndependentn/a
St Chris LetchworthIndependentNorthbridge House Canonbury
Northbridge House CanonburyIndependentPortland Place
Fulham CrossStaten/a
Moving AbroadStaten/a
Queen’s CollegeIndependentChanning, Northbridge House Canonbury
St Mary Magdalene AcademyStaten/a
Northbridge House CanonburyIndependentn/a
PlacementTypeOther offers
Fulham CrossStaten/a
Northbridge House CanonburyIndependentn/a
Dulwich CollegeIndependentn/a
City of London Academy ShoreditchStateNorthbridge House Canonbury
PlacementTypeOther offers
Joyce Frankland AcademyStateHockerill
Clapton School for GirlsStateNBH Canonbury (offer); Haggerston
St Chris LetchworthIndependentStoke Newington Secondary (declined offer)
Highbury GroveStateHighbury Fields
King Alfred SchoolIndependentSt Christopher (declined offer)
Grey Coat Hospital WestminsterStateNone
Manshead CE SecondaryStaten/a
City of London Academy ShoreditchStateHaggerston, NBH Canonbury
St Mary Magdalene AcademyStateHaggerston, Northbridge House Canonbury
CLASS OF 2017/2018
PlacementTypeOther offers
Forest SchoolIndependentQueen’s College, NBH Canonbury
Broomfield SchoolStaten/a
Northbridge House CanonburyIndependentCity of London Shoreditch Academy
Haggerston SchoolStaten/a
Parliament Hill SchoolStaten/a
St Mary Magdalene AcademyStaten/a
St Chris LetchworthIndependentWaiting list at King Alfred’s
Highbury FieldsStateFrancis Holland, Queen’s College, NBHC (offered scholarship)
Queen’s CollegeIndependentNo other offers
Central Foundation BoysStaten/a
Clapton Girls’ AcademyStateQueen’s College
Haggerston SchoolStaten/a
St Edmund’s CanterburyIndependentn/a