January 26, 2018

Locked in the Library!

This week, in small groups, children were given the task of escaping from the library by following a series of clues. At first, each clue was found in a book within the library. Children figured out where each book was and the page number leading to the next clue. Having found all these clues, they completed a crossword puzzle to then see the final clue. This unlocked the library and freedom* provided they made it out in time! They also had a couple of coins to use should they needed a clue.

Thank you to Alice for putting this lovely activity together for the children. Sometimes libraries can be a confusing place for children, so for them to do this activity and to see how to access all manner of books, including a dictionary to help with the spellings in the crossword, gave everyone an opportunity to learn more about how to use the library in a fun and playful way. And well done to all the children for their collaborative skills and sense of fun!

Here’s a selection of snaps taken of one group from Years 5 and 6 in action!

*at no point was anyone locked in the library!

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