Did you know that Rosemary Works School is one of the most dynamic, child-centred and innovative primary schools in North London?

Our unique Independent primary school located on the Islington & Hackney border takes a different approach to teaching and learning.

So when we work with our children, we promote transferable skills, the ability to time-manage, independent thought and a sense of how important each and every individual is, which makes for a well-rounded, happy child – essential for growth.


  • The children experience Meditation and Peer Massage each alternating Monday morning to encourage mindfulness and for our children to grab a bit of head-space away from this fast and furious world;
  • We offer Democratic Time each Friday. School Council consult the children to find out what they’d like to do and the teachers facilitate their wishes. Chocolate-making, sports, cross-stitch, Lego and art are among the many activities.
  • Project RW aims to enable children in mixed age groups to discover and develop exciting projects from scratch to completion with guided facilitation from assigned teachers.
  • Swimming lessons for all each week, excepting Reception Class who enjoy other activities.
  • Modern Foreign Languages – For the whole school. Nursery, Reception and Year 1 currently learn Spanish. Years 2 – 5 learn two languages: French and Japanese, and Year 6 currently learn Italian.
  • Ukulele Lessons and Music are taught by our specialists. All children in the Upper School learn the ukulele and the Year 5s are taught weekly theory of music lessons by the headteacher.
  • Time Management Lessons is new and we are at the forefront of this ideology. Traditionally, lessons in Maths and Literacy last one hour and are structured within a starter, main and plenary. This doesn’t always meet every child’s needs. It doesn’t engage all children and teachers tend to micro-manage children’s time to complete tasks. At Rosemary Works we often teach a lesson (for example ‘perimeter’) within the first ten minutes of the lesson with children armed with whiteboards to scribe their responses and demonstrate their understanding. They then have 50 minutes to, at some point, go to the workstation where the teacher is developing their learning of perimeter (in this instance) and there are three other activities for the children to do that are unrelated to perimeter. There could be a reading station, some fine motor skills activities, work from three weeks ago, art – anything, but the children must visit the teacher for some of the time and complete the focused task. We’ve noticed that all children (with no exception) are fully engaged and driven to complete the task to the best of their ability. And don’t forget, the teacher is seeing 3 or 4 children at a time, so they are having a high level of support. It’s fascinating to see the three types of children’s behaviour that emerges from this. Some children do the focused task immediately to leave more time to themselves, some leave it to the ‘last minute’ and others flit between activities. Either way, results have further improved as a result of Time Management Lessons.
  • The Lower and Upper School children have Computing Lessons weekly using Scratch and Scratch Jr to program among many other skills. They are seriously impressing me with what they have achieved; to be learning what goes on under the bonnet of a computer, to be tech-smart, is essential for their future.
  • We’re in the heart of London. Trips aplenty are crucial. We all love visiting the many wonderful sights of London and it’s always an easy bus/train/walk away. From our little entrepreneurs, who biannually take a trip to Spitalfields Market to busk in aid of charity, to being literally next to the Regent’s Canal and taking boat trips to Angel, it’s a great City to open up to our children’s world;
  • For Year 1, Reception Class and Nursery Class, weekly Forest School which is a system of outdoor learning where children learn a range of practical skills and explore nature in a local woodland setting. We regularly visit the woodland space in SHOREDITCH ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND. Using the same site for children to experience the changes to the seasons, build confidence etc. which is all part of the Forest School ethos.

Pay us a visit using our online booking form to arrange a time to see me and the wonderful atmosphere and bright children and staff at our lovely little school. You’ll be surprised how refreshingly different an independent school (or perhaps I should say indie school) can be!