Did you know that Rosemary Works School is one of the most dynamic, child-centred and innovative primary schools in North London?

Our unique Independent primary school located on the Islington & Hackney border takes a different approach to teaching and learning.

So when we work with our children, we promote transferable skills, the ability to time-manage, independent thought and a sense of how important each and every individual is, which makes for a well-rounded, happy child – essential for growth.


  • We follow the National Curriculum in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Science and many of the foundation subjects too, but we know our children and their individual needs, and adapt the curriculum so that it: 1) meets their needs, 2) ensures they have all the tools they need for secondary school and 3) is as interactive, fun and engaging as possible.
  • The children experience Meditation and Peer Massage each alternating Monday morning to encourage mindfulness and for our children to enjoy a bit of head-space away from this fast and furious world and since September 2020, we are exploring Niksen with many of the children.
  • We offer Democratic Time each Friday where children sign up for six week projects in mixed year groups. It’s a lot of fun and it gives plenty of opportunities for children to mix with other age groups and make new friends.
  • Enterprise is built into the curriculum from Year 2 to Year 6 – a homemade curriculum to support maths and to extend their understanding of number into real-life situations with a view that children will be successful little entrepreneurs!
  • Global Awareness Studies – another brand new programme of study we devised to combine many of the foundation subjects but to also include educating children about celebrating diversity, a deeper knowledge of the world and the importance of unconscious bias. It’s very exciting!
  • Football Fitness with the team from Little Soccer Stars for all each week, excepting Reception Class who enjoy other activities.
  • Modern Foreign Languages – For the whole school. Nursery to Year 4 currently learn Spanish. Years 5 and 6 learn French with a view that by 2022 we will be heading toward the whole school learning Spanish.
  • Ukulele Lessons and Music are taught by our specialists. All children in the Upper School learn the ukulele and the Year 5s and 6s are taught weekly theory of music lessons by the assistant head teacher and headteacher.
  • Time Management Lessons – ask us about this when you pay us a visit – It’s amazing!
  • The Lower and Upper School children have Computing Lessons weekly using Scratch and Scratch Jr to program among many other skills. They are seriously impressing us with what they have achieved; to be learning what goes on under the bonnet of a computer, to be tech-smart, is essential for their future.
  • We’re in the heart of London. Trips aplenty are crucial. We all love visiting the many wonderful sights of London and it’s always an easy bus/train/walk away. From our little entrepreneurs, who biannually take a trip to Spitalfields Market to busk in aid of charity, to being literally next to the Regent’s Canal and taking boat trips to Angel, it’s a great City to open up to our children’s world. This also includes Residential Trips for our older children to places like PGL and Cardfields;
  • For Year 1, Reception Class and Nursery Class, weekly Forest School which is a system of outdoor learning where children learn a range of practical skills and explore nature in a local woodland setting. We regularly visit the woodland space in SHOREDITCH ADVENTURE PLAYGROUND. Using the same site for children to experience the changes to the seasons, build confidence etc. which is all part of the Forest School ethos.
  • With the Britannia Leisure Centre on our doorstep, we aim to resume swimming lessons and the use of their halls once their building work is completed.
  • The Canal on our doorstep allows us to team up with the Laburnum Boat Club and offer Kayaking lessons to our older children in the summer.

With all that being said, we are committed to ensuring children are ready for the next stage of learning as they move to secondary school. We have an excellent relationship with many local state and independent secondary schools and relish advising parents, when their children reach Year 4, of their options based on their children’s strengths.

Children go to the secondary schools of their choice. Take a look at our Leavers’ Destinations page for all the great schools they move to.

Pay us a visit using our online booking form to arrange a time to see me and the wonderful atmosphere and bright children and staff at our lovely little school. You’ll be surprised how refreshingly different an independent school (or perhaps we should say indie school) can be!