What another month for Nursery Class!  To say we’ve been busy and working hard would be an understatement.

We kicked off July by finishing up our transport topic, looking at different ways of travelling to school as well as recapping our road safety knowledge.  We also used many opportunities to develop our number skills, playing games with toy aeroplanes where we had to measure how far they could fly and we really showed off how good we are with our numbers and mathematical language.

We also continued to look after the chick eggs in the incubator and because of the great care they received from us, Reception class and Big Playschool, they hatched into chicks and we thought they were so cute!  We couldn’t wait to have a hold of them and made sure we were extra gentle but were also surprised by how much they liked to jump around.

Lastly, we ended the school year with a trip to Stratford Discover Centre for a Dr Suess workshop.  We were so excited (mainly for our packed lunch!) but on our best behaviour.  As soon as we arrived we were taken into a magical land of Dr Seuss where we listened to various stories before setting off to explore our surroundings.  We had fun dressing up as different characters such as Things 1&2, played croquet and basketball and even got to make each other a yummy meal of green eggs and ham.

We then set off for our favourite part of the day – lunch! After we ate we then managed to have a little play in the outside space, pretending to be pirates looking for treasure (which was inspired by last weeks treasure hunt) and driving pretend racing cars.

It was then time to head back to school with some extremely tired 4 year olds who had a well needed rest on the coach.  It was a fab day enjoyed by all and the children were even praised by the staff for their listening skills and excellent behaviour.

It is hard to believe that the school year is now finished, it has been a wonderful year all round and we wish all of the children the best as they move on to their new classes.

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