Wow, what another incredible month for the Nursery Class children! It has been super busy as we got stuck into our Transport topic, firstly looking at road safety and making sure we all knew the ‘Stop, look, listen’ rules before putting them into action as we headed off to Forest School or swimming each week.  It has been amazing to see just how sensible the children are when it comes to crossing roads and they have been constantly reminding each other to stop and look out for cars or bikes – brilliant.  We then had some fun with the topic by making our own traffic lights and zebra crossings, focusing on what the different colours mean and how the zebra crossings have repeating patterns.

We then had a look at a variety of different modes of transport as we made our very own bus in our role play area which the children all took very seriously when it came to ringing the bell and stopping the bus to let people on and off!  We have all noticed just how lovely the children have been using their imaginations in the role play area and this week it is going to be transformed into an airport so we are very excited to see how it goes down with the children.

Everybody has been working very hard throughout this topic and we recently looked at transport a little more close to home – in the form of TFL!  The children all loved being a part of making a ‘London Transport’ display and excitedly spoke to one another about their experiences on buses or trains (the Victoria line appears to be a favourite underground line in Nursery right now!)

We have also spent the past couple of weeks celebrating that summer appeared to have arrived by having water rights and lots of fun in the paddling pools, as well as making giant bubbles with the hoops.  We also got to see our caterpillars transform into butterflies and some of us were lucky and brave enough to hold them before they flew away to their new homes.

Well done Nursery Class, what a fantastic month – you have been brilliant once again!

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