Valentine’s Day Hearts ❤

Valentine’s Day has given us a great opportunity for further improving the children’s shape recognition by looking at hearts. We also spoke about how it is a day for extra kindness and love towards the special people in our lives and the children were really excited to begin to make something special for all their families.

Exploring Shapes with Penguins

We continued with our arctic topic today by looking at different types of animals that live in the cold weather. We explored a PowerPoint where we had to guess which type of arctic animal was hiding and when we found them we discovered a fun fact about them!

We then explored different shapes and colours by making our very own penguins. As you can see they all look fantastically unique as we all had our own brilliant ideas of how we wanted our creations to look. This really helped with both our shape and colour recognition and all of the teachers really loved seeing us being so creative.


The children are making such good progress in our yoga sessions and it is lovely to see them enjoying it so much. Well done everyone!