Since September 2017, a group of children aged 7 – 11 set to writing, recording and producing an original Christmas song as part of our new initiative Project RW. After much deliberation and a little guidance from musicians, they created a hook and practised playing and singing together to create a piece for Christmas. The titled ‘Christmas is Coming’ is the result and we think it’s fab!

Featuring Sage on drums, Gowan on fretless bass, Oliver, Remy and Arthur on guitar, Eva on keyboard, Aysin on percussion and Matilda on lead vocals. All children also played the ukulele and some backing vocals and Zac tidied it all up with recording and mixing.

This project was very ambitious for a group of children to do, however I believe they have done wonderfully well to produce a catchy and well constructed Christmas song. Congratulations Project RW Music children. Let’s see how many hits you get on SoundCloud! Like and share this with everyone you know!