Welcome to your Safeguarding Quiz 2021

1. Your Name
2. Who has responsibility for safeguarding in your school?
3. Who should to talk to if you have a concern about a child?
4. The Designated Safeguarding Leads at this school are…
5. Who should you go to if you have a concern about the behaviour of another member of staff in relation to child protection?
6. What should you do if a child tells you s/he is being abused or neglected?
7. Should you record your concern about a child in writing?
8. Is there a form that you should use and, if so, where is it kept?
9. Who are the three statutory safeguarding partners in a local authority?
10. How often should staff receive training on child protection and safeguarding?
11. How often does the Designated Safeguarding Lead undertake training?
12. What is contextual safeguarding?
13. What is FGM?use lower case
14. What is CSE?
15. What is CCE?
16. What is HBA?
17. What is CME?
18. What are the four main types of abuse?
19. What is peer on peer abuse?
20. What is Prevent in terms of safeguarding?