Reception Class, where has the school year gone…?
It’s zoomed past, and,  just like a rocket heading off to space, created so much excitement and wonder. Each and every one of you have been delightful and brilliant in your own unique & lovely ways. A dream to teach every day!
The summer heat and a long term has meant tired minds and bodies (hearts still strong though! 💗), so we’ve been slowing things down a little these past few weeks, making even more space for fresh air, play, stories and songs!
There has of course been some fab new things in the mix. Learning how to add up coins, building our own electric circuits and the arrival of the baby chicks caused huge waves of excitement and joy! Last weeks’s trip to Hackney Marshes and a visit to the horses was a lovely way to end the year together. Happy times!
For now, school’s out and time to rest. We wish you all a fantastic, fun-filled summer break!  🌟

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