Addition and Subtraction Stories

This week we’ve been looking at listening to different pirate addition and subtraction stories (‘problems) at maths time. The children have been learning how to read number questions (called ‘sums’ in our day!) – both adding & subtraction ones, and using their fingers to find the answers. They will show you our sign for ‘adding’ and ‘subtracting’ or ‘taking away’. We are also working on estimating and checking by counting. ‘Can you estimate how many beads are on the bead string?’ Lots of enthusiasm! 🐝

S t r e t c h y Drama!

Today’s adventure was a ‘piraty’ one, starring Popcorn the Dolphin. 🐬

Treasure Maps 🗺

There was lots of excitement around making these! The children dyed paper using tea or coffee, their choice, and we got the felt tips out as a special treat (fy we are phasing them out; using colouring pencils & watercolour pencils etc instead in an effort to cut down on waste and be greener). The children don’t miss them and drawing skills are improving as a result – as better control is needed using pencils. 
We had been talking about treasure maps in advance of the map making, and many children found the idea of pirates following trails leading to the ‘X which marks the spot’ and digging up treasure, fascinating! This featured in many of their treasure maps, as did their own wonderful ideas! The treasure maps are in Special Books and children will take these home for half term.