It may have been the longest day of the year yesterday, but time flew for the children who had spent from Tuesday to Thursday learning the story of Charles Dickens’ classic tale ‘Oliver Twist’.

Anthony Glenn, who is a professional actor from the company Shaking up Shakespeare, has become a regular at Rosemary Works School, and it wouldn’t take you too long to see why.

His energy, ability to inspire and deep understanding of classic literature is infectious!

The children in Years 3 to 6 dropped everything in the curriculum for these three days and were fully focused and enthused to put on a great show. And that is exactly what they did!

I’m in absolute awe of the children – and for some, they shone so brightly. Anthony always utilises children’s talents and incorporates them into his unique interpretations of the plays. Anthony made sure that everyone had a part to play and included several Olivers.

He encouraged children to sing, play instruments, perform gymnastics and skilfully teased out their inner talents to bring the production to life.

Congratulations to everyone for their roles within this show. We cannot wait to see him again next year! For now, here are two videos:

The full show (as streamed live on Facebook) and a selection of professional photos taken by Chris Walters. Enjoy!