We knew Anthony Glenn from Shaking Up Shakespeare when he visited the school for a day workshop in September and enthralled our children with his one man show of Macbeth.

We knew, at this point, that we should ask him to come in the summer to do his three day workshop and perform the finished play to an audience on day three. We chose A Midsummer Night’s Dream and from Tuesday to Thursday this week, that’s what and all the children in the Upper School did.

Having seen some of the rehearsals and the clever methods Anthony used to get the very best out of our children, I knew that our audience would be impressed. Anthony wanted to use the individual skills and talents our children possess, so there was plenty of opportunity for song, instrumental playing, gymnastics and even contortions to take place!

The show was performed last night to a heaving audience and the children rose to the occasion. They were outstanding and skilfully guided by Anthony throughout. It was an excellent performance and the children were incredibly proud of their achievements. What was also lovely was the fact that having had only three days to put this together, their performances were fresh, energised and natural.

Also, there’s no way I would have been the least bit interested in Shakespeare at their age, but for Anthony to bring this classic play to life the way he did, meant the children felt fully engaged.

A huge congratulations to all the children in the Upper School and to Anthony for directing this tremendously memorable play…

…and here’s the video recording in all its unedited glory plus photos from our Facebook page.