On Tuesday 2nd July we held our annual Sports Day at Shoreditch Park on a gloriously warm afternoon.

It started with the Early Years children who participated in sprinting, the traditional egg and spoon race and a variety of field activities. It was lovely to see the Teddy relay and how focused they were – even if they fell, they picked themselves up and carried on going.

Afterwards, the KS1 and 2 classes hosted their Olympics with their chosen six teams: Ecuador, Japan, Kenya, Jamaica, the Cook Islands and Greece.

They competed in a variety of racing activities and, while we totalled up the score to find out the top two teams, the parents raced.

It was then the final between Ecaudor and Greece. After a nail-biting competition, it was Greece who were the overall victors. Congratulations to them and to all the children for their sportspersonship. Here’s the video…