What a magical afternoon the children had! After each class studied a different woman author in the morning, they were treated to the hall being transformed into Hogwarts in celebration of J K Rowling.

The Parents’ Network and friends did an incredible job of adding artwork the children had previously created in Democratic Time plus a little of their own work just in time for the afternoon fun.

There were many references to things one would find in the Harry Potter world including moving pictures (and yes, incredibly we linked up with one of our families’ parents in the USA who interacted with our flabbergasted children who could barely believe they were real!

There was an abundance of cakes and treats, juice and butter beer and to top it all off, a magic show by one of our local magicians, Tim.

I’d like to thank the children for all their lovely artwork contributions, Vicky for her Harry Potter street signs, the Parents’ Network for organising this outstanding event and the actors who took this experience to another level!

Here’s a short video of the afternoon…