Oh my goodness, what a week it’s been! We’ve got a pesky elf who keeps hanging around and causing mischief (although he did help set up some Christmas decorations in our room yesterday!) and is demanding a lot of our time at the moment! I’m sure the children have already told you what has been going on but please see attached photos of what the little elf (named ‘Aftershave’ for some bizarre reason) has been up to in our room!
We had a fabulous afternoon out at the Little Angel Theatre yesterday to see ‘Pixie and the Pudding’ which is a puppet show about a girl called Charlie who moves to the country from the city with her father and the only thing that can fix their troubles on the farm is a special Christmas pudding, made for the mysterious pixies.

The children visited Santa’s grotto today to see the big man himself and sing him some song. Also included some photos from this.