We have been creating freeze frames from the chapter, ‘The First Two Finders’ in Charlie and Chocolate Factory. Year Three thought carefully about the body language, facial expressions and height of each of the characters. Whilst creating these freezes they imagined they were thinking and feeling the thoughts of Verruca Salt, the factory worker and Verruca Salt’s father.

As part of Storytelling Week, Year 3 listened to Year 6 tell stories in the library. And some of Year 3 took the opportunity to do the same. We discovered that with an encouraging audience, storytelling can be quite fun!

We invited Rowan to Year 3 to talk to us about a family invention. We learnt that Rowan’s great grandfather discovered a problem with labels always melting or washing off objects. He therefore invented a machine which marked leather shoes and later went on to experiment with different types of ink, eventually creating one which did not melt or rub off. Rowan showed us how eggs, medical tablets and even sweets all had a special ink on them which did not rub off.  He also showed us how holographic printing works and explained the importance of this when creating money. We learnt a lot about how to spot fake money and understood why there are so many different types of inks and holograms on banknotes. Thank you so much to Rowan and Elias for this very interesting talk.