Over the last week, we’ve been working really hard to build our very own model Tudor houses. We had to thoughtfully plan out our designs and then begin to cut the wood to build the frames for our houses. We wanted them to have the dark wood and white lime-washed look of real Tudor houses so we painted up our wooden frames and added in the walls and windows. Finally, we had to tile or thatch our roofs. Our finished houses look amazing and we’re really proud of how they turned out. It was hard work, but worth every minute.

Some things you might notice about our Tudor houses:
Lots of our houses have an overhanging first floor, this is because people in Tudor times didn’t want to pay for extra land. They built small ground floors and spacious first floors to live in, this saved them lots of money.

The windows in our Tudor houses are very small and square, this is because glass was very expensive in Tudor times.

Some of our houses have thatched roofs, this was an inexpensive way to build a roof. Richer people would have tiled roofs instead.