In Years 5 & 6, we have been looking at Japan as our topic this term, with Suzy. The children looked at many different aspects of Japan and were inspired by their art and traditions.

They particularly like the idea behind the popular Daruma Doll figures; the traditional Japanese handmade wishing doll, or charmingly referred to a ‘goal doll’. The idea of it being to keep people focused on achieving their goals (very apt for our students at RW). They are a centuries-old tradition that is positive, motivational and fun!

First, the children decided on a goal they are determined to achieve. The type of goal they chose indicated the colour of their Daruma doll.

RED is for luck and good fortune.

PURPLE for health and longevity.

YELLOW is for security and protection.

GOLD is for wealth and prosperity

WHITE is for love and harmony

Next they modelled the doll using clay and painted and decorated them, leaving the eyes  blank so the first can be filled in when they have committed to a goal and second when they have achieved it.

Lastly,  a Kanji Character (from the Japanese symbolic writing system) of their choice was carefully painted onto the doll to represent them. The children chose words such as ‘determined’ ‘respectful’ and ‘happy’ etc.