The children in Year 5 had the privilege of spending the morning at Northbridge House Canonbury to experience a morning in the life at secondary school. They were met by Ms Shelley, the head of Year 7, who started the morning with a Q&A session, followed by Art with Mr Stroud where children created clay pots in the shape of dragons. They made some fantastic designs which will be fired in their kiln and given back to the children in a few days. Mr Stroud was very supportive and kind to the children throughout the lesson.

Then, it was on to a science lesson with Miss Harold. They were tasked with extracting DNA from strawberries which instantly captured their imagination. They loved the experiment and, not only learned an awful lot, but impressed Miss Harold with their knowledge – go Rosemary Works!

After this lesson they had lunch with the Year 7s in the hall, which was a real treat and then Mr Taylor, the head teacher came to talk with the children and answer their questions.

Overall it was a fantastic experience to which we are very grateful to Northbridge House Canonbury for their hospitality with accommodating our children today.

Here’s a short video of their morning…