This morning was very informative, really interesting and a lot of fun. Year 6 proved that they have the knowledge and skills to be brilliant junior citizens. Let’s hear all about it from some of those that took part….

Eva: This morning we went to Hackney Museum. We had eight different workshops, including a talk by the London Fire Service, and workshops on emotional well-being and road safety. We named our group the ‘Demented Ducks’ and we won the competition!

Jimmy: As well as Rosemary Works there was another school and we were all split into eight groups. Thankfully Year 6 was kept together! In every workshop we were marked out of ten and RW got the perfect score, except one 9.5!

Alex: I really enjoyed when we learned about how to be more safe on public transport. 

Miia: We won! My favourite workshop was TfL Bus Safety and using a zipcard.