The Italian lessons have been super successful in Year 6! The children have learnt a lot and they’re already able to make full sentences to describe themselves, their families and what they like. In order to put to good use their great results, Y6 designed some postcards to introduce themselves to their new Italian pen pals. The letters are going to be sent to the IB class of the IC Galvani – Fara Middle School in Milan. We are looking forward to receiving a reply!

Watch the video below the translations of what the children said…

Hi! My name is Eleanor, I am tall and blonde. I have long hair and green eyes. I love reading, cooking and drawing. There are four people in my family :my mum, my dad and my sister Agatha. History is my favourite subject. What’s your favourite subject? I live in London.

Hi! I have short hair and green eyes. I am not very tall and blonde. I love riding my bike. I have a sister. I am good at science, which is my favourite subject.

Dear Omar, Jacopo, Jon and Julie,
Hi! I am tall and I have dark hair. My hair is short and I have green eyes. I like reading, drawing and being with my friends. My name is Sam. I am ten years old and I am in year 6. My favourite subjects are coding and English.

Hi Amedeo, Justin, Amanda and Francis,
My name is Romi, I have dark hair and I am not very tall. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I am 11 years old and I am in Year 6. My school is called Rosemary Works School. What are you good at? I am good at maths. What’s your favourite subject? My favourite subject is maths.