Our morning was everything we’d hoped for and more as The Right Honorable Robert Goodwill MP gave us a personal tour around the best of the Palace of Westminster.  
We cooed over the House of Commons and loved the House of Lords, where we were introduced  to a real live Lord, a friend of Robert’s,  who had lots of information to share.  Ask your child about ‘The Modesty Curtain’.  
We were thrilled to witness the brand new Speaker Lindsay Hoyle’s inaugural procession to Chambers with all its pomp and ceremony, including the Serjeant at Arms bearing the Mace and a leader with a very fancy coat and an even fancier walk! Ask your child to show you.  
We were then invited to eat our lunch in Robert’s office and ask him a few questions on what may be his last day in office, depending on the election results.    Vicky and I could definitely see some potential Parliamentary candidates in our little Year 6 group.