From Tuesday to Thursday this week, the children in Years 3 and 4 dropped everything and spent their time in school with the very talented Anthony Glenn from Shaking up Shakespeare who guided them from scratch to performance of the classic Shakespeare comedy The Tempest. From a highly entertaining and engaging one man show where Anthony performed (with audience participation) the play to working with the cast, the children had a fantastic time learning their lines and actions to bring the performance to life.

Moreover, Anthony got the very best talents out of the children and not only were there sterling performances from many of the children, but some had the opportunity to tell jokes, perform on musical instruments, sing, dance and even gymnastics!

This all culminated in a performance to the school in the day and an evening performance to the relatives of the cast who absolutely loved it!

A huge congratulations to the children for their hard work they put into this performance – to the staff for working super-hard to get everything together – to the parents and families for coming to support their children and, of course, to Anthony Glenn for his amazing, tireless work and energy that inspired each and every child.

Better still, we’ve seen how even more collegiate the classes have become since the performance showing that it’s not just about putting on a show, but about teamwork, cooperation, resilience and courage. WELL DONE!

Here’s a video and some images from the performance for you to share with your families…