Fees Structure September 2021 – 2022

School Termly fees

Education 5 days a week 9.30am-4pm £5120
School lunch (Vegetarian with fish) £235*
(Under 5 years old termly fee is £4122 until the term after fifth birthday)**

*You may bring a packed lunch if you prefer.

Fees outside of school hours

Breakfast Club from 8-9.15 am (including breakfast) £9.70
After School Club from 4 – 5pm  £8.40
After School Club from 5 – 6pm (including light tea (e.g. sandwich/bagel/wrap) £9.70

You may drop your child off at 9.15am without incurring additional costs.

Breakfast club (Monday to Friday) £512 per term if booked in advance
After School club 4 – 5 pm (Monday to Friday) £445 per term if booked in advance
After School club 5 – 6 pm (Monday to Friday) £512 per term if booked in advance


Holiday Play Schemes

Children who attend term time only may attend play days during the holidays on an ad hoc basis, subject to spaces being available:

9.30am-4pm £58 per day including lunch an d snacks.
8am-6pm £77 per day including lunch, light tea and snacks.

When 5 playdays/week are booked in advance:

5 days a week 9.30am – 4pm including lunch £261 per week
5 days a week 8am-6pm including lunch and tea £345 per week

Full time education and care

10% discount if you choose our full time package, including pre and post school care, lunch, tea and all play schemes in the holidays.

Please contact the Finance Office for details. (finance@rosemaryworks.com


Parents with 2 or more children are entitled to the sibling discount of 10% per child on the lowest fee.

Charges for late payment

There is a charge of £75 for termly fees not paid on time plus interest. Please refer to terms and conditions for further details. 

Late pick-up penalty

Please note that the After School Club closes at 6pm sharp. Any parents picking up after 6pm will receive a penalty charge of £10 per 15 minutes. The staff who stay to look after the child will receive the full penalty payment.

Nursery Class 15 Hours Free Childcare

**Fee is inclusive of 15 hours free care from Nursery Education Fund. Press below for the fee structure.

Nursery Class Fees 2021 – 2022

For full Terms and Conditions please follow the link below: