Some of the theatrical action from the drama workshop and the storyteller’s visit to Reception and Nursery children after lunch.
A big thank you to Audrey’s mum who also came and shared a story at story-time this afternoon. 💝

National Storytelling Week has been a wonderful opportunity to make extra time in our week for all children to tell their stories. Storytelling and bookmaking are something we do regularly in Reception but this week, along with sharing many of the much-loved fairy-tales, it’s been a big focus! ✨

On this lovely sunny afternoon down at our Forest School, there was lots of fun with a homemade slide! Reception and Nursery children played really nicely together pulling one another down the slide and carrying the rope back up the hill to give others a turn. There was also scavenger hunting with the Gofindit cards and it’s brilliant to see the children showing an interest in reading the words on the cards, with some help. We are all hooked on spotting ‘special friends’ in words at the moment! 🌱🔎