An exciting day was had by all in Year 2 yesterday.  We started the day by meeting the Celt Queen Boudicca who led us through a morning of fun and learning through games and drama.  The children learnt Latin, how to use the fantastic ‘scutum’ they made like  a real Roman soldier,  about the Roman gods and the story of Romulus and Remus.  ‘Boudicca’ loved working with the  children and was so impressed with how knowledgeable, creative and enthusiastic they all were!  In the afternoon the children learnt about Roman numerals in their classroom while a sumptuous banquet was prepared in the hall. 

The children loved lying down to eat,  just like the wealthy Romans of long ago, and enjoyed the bread they made the previous day together with cheeses, grapes, olives, quail’s eggs and much more.  They were entertained by various talented children from other classes who sang songs, played the piano and trumpet and even performed a gymnastics routine for us!