Rosemary Works Christmas Fair Preparations (7)

The children in Years 1 – 5 were keen to use their democratic time to create some lovely wares for...

Stars of the Week - 271115

It has been a busy, busy week all round with the end of term and Christmas on the horizon. The...

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Rosemary Works School - Year 45 November 2015 (3)RW

After the adventure and excitement of last week (where the children were absolutely brilliant and a real credit to our...

Basketball at Britannia Leisure Centre

After our fantastic three days at PGL, it was back to Rosemary Works School this week but we tried to keep...

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Rosemary Works School - Year 2 - November 2015 (5)

First of all I would like to share how fabulous Year 2 have been at sharing just lately!  There is...

Rosemary Works School Year 1 November 26 2015 (8)

Year 1 have been very busy this week, learning about lots of things including verbs, 3D shape properties and Van Gogh!...

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Rosemary Works School - Reception Class - Eco Active - November 2015 (9)

It’s been a week of story-writing, yoga & getting ready for winter in Reception Class. It’s also been a week...

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